Version 2.2 of Splunk Security Essentials (SSE) is now available! The best part of it all? It’s free.

25 new detections primarily focused on Insider Threat, including 50+ pages of documentation with line-by-line SPL explanations.

Better integrations with Splunk Enterprise Security and Splunk Enterprise Security Content Update, including links from SSE directly over to the products.


Splunk at the Heart of a Critical SOC: Securing Operations and Winning New Business

Security professionals know that the ability to continuously monitor, analyze, and visualize data across from across the IT infrastructure is essential to combatting internal and external threats, including insider threats and advanced attacks. The ability to rapidly detect and respond to these modern day threats is essential to maintaining security for the organization. While having a high level of security is arguably critical for any business, some organizations rely on it not only to secure and maintain their customer base, in addition to maintaining the integrity of their own network.

« Splunk is becoming an essential component to a growing number of SOCs around the world. »